Healthcare supply store

Our healthcare supply stores are centres for customized fitting with inserts, bandages, compression aids, orthoses or auxiliaries. This extensive range of products offers all you need for additional relief. Our staff are pleased to provide you expert and personal assistance.

The range of services in the healthcare supplies part of the company is very diverse:

  • Inserts, bandages, compression, thrombosis and travel socks
  • Individual treadmill and video analysis based on the latest standard for optimising fi insert therapy
  • Customised sport insoles based on the latest standards, including custom-fit shoes
  • Neck supports, therapy aids, ergonomic sitting and lying supports
  • Lightweight orthoses for joint injuries
  • Healthcare supply commodities and a full range of other items to cover all aspects of your wellbeing
  • Detailed personalised consultation
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Of course we also offer you personal consultation in the areas of inserts, back support bandages and ergonomics.

Our qualified staff will provide you with competent and personal support.


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Orthopädie- und Rehatechnik
Frankfurter Str. 1
D-35390 Gießen

Phone: +49 (0)641 97258-0
Fax: +49 (0)641 97258-22

Quality management

We are certified according to ISO 13485. and meets the requisite contractual quality management requirements.