Orthopaedics technology

Orthopaedics is the science of diagnosing and treating congenital or acquired defects of the human musculoskeletal system. We combine many years of experience with the creativity and high technical qualify cations of our specialists, who are also constantly in training. This means we can develop personalised solutions for your issues, in accordance with technical standards and the latest scientific knowledge.

Orthotics: State-of-the-art technology, individual consultation

Orthotics encompasses the treatment of injuries, diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Orthoses are functional and corrective aids in the form of external braces. We manufacture customized orthoses in a range of areas and from a wide range of materials, using special modules and functional construction kits.

  • Orthoses for leg, arm and torso
  • Dynamic orthoses, Quengel casts and splints and foot orthoses
  • Support corsets, sitting, standing and lying supports, paediatrics
  • Support orthoses using the full range of manufacturing techniques
  • The latest paralysis orthoses e.g. to treat stroke cases
  • Customised care in the area of diabetic aids
  • Orthoses and prosthetics
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Prosthetics: modern production, personal treatment

Prosthetics are the artificial replacement of a missing or incompletely developed body part. They allow a considerable portion of the lost functions to be restored and also help restore the external appearance. Our prostheses are always precision work, tailored to meet your personal requirements and we ensure their optimal integration. Our range of mammary prosthetics includes custom-manufactured prosthetics as well as underwear and swimwear. Providing reliable advice and treatment is our top priority here. This includes the latest joint systems, modern stem systems, such as ISNY stem, longitudinal and crosswise-oval stems, MAS, HTV etc. and hydrostatic stems (liner fitting), patient-specific lightweight construction, and cosmetic special designs.

  • The latest joint systems
  • Modern stem systems, such as ISNY stem, longitudinal and crosswise-oval stems, MAS, HTV etc.
  • Hydrostatic stems (liner fitting)
  • Patient-specific lightweight design
  • Cosmetic special designs
  • Customised care in the area of diabetic aids

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Quality management

We are certified according to ISO 13485. and meets the requisite contractual quality management requirements.